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  CSJ is a non-partisan organization. We do not endorse candidates or political positions.We are inclusive and welcome all who care about Jackson County's future.

 Formerly Citizens for South Jackson, we are an evolving organization that serves all of Jackson County. We joined together with the Open Space Council for Jackson County, and we continue to have members join from all over the county and in our municipalities.

 Our vision is to work effectively with citizens, their organizations, the business community, and governments to sustain and protect the cultural and natural heritage of Jackson County and to promote a strong sense of community among county residents. 



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Saturday, April 20, 2024 



March 12, 2024 Presidential Preference Primary and Special Election

Jackson County, GA




Advanced voting shall take place for the March 12, 2024 Presidential Preference Primary and Special Election for Jackson County registered voters at the Election Center location at 441 Gordon St, Jefferson, Georgia 30549 on the following days and times.

MONDAY- SATURDAY February 19th- February 24th from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

MONDAY-SATURDAY February 26th - March 2nd, from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

MONDAY-FRIDAY March 4th - March 8th, from 9 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Braselton and Commerce satellites will only be available starting the last week of early voting.

Satellite Locations: Monday, March 4th - March 8th, from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Braselton: Police & Muni Building (Community Room) 5040 Highway 53, Braselton, GA  30517

Commerce: First Baptist Church (Youth Annex) 1345 S Elm St, Commerce, GA  30529


All early voting will end on March 8th at 5:00 p.m. 


A Drop Box will be available for absentee ballots at the Election Center (located inside) ONLY during all early voting hours as per SB 202, and will close on March 8th at 5PM. Ballots may be dropped off by 7PM on March 12th, 2024, to the election staff located at 441 Gordon Street in Jefferson, absentee ballots will not be received at the polling location on Election Day. 


Absentee Ballot Applications may be submitted for the March 12th, 2024 Presidential Preference Primary and Special Election until Friday, March 1, 2024.


More voter information at: https://mvp.sos.ga.gov/s/



Vulcan Quarry Proposed for South Jackson 

For the LATEST information, including information on water quality threats, click on the "Issues and Concerns" tab above. Just added: Letter of Concern from the Oconee Rivers Greenway Commission to the Athens-Clarke County Mayor and Commissioners. 



A limited number of free signs are available now. The contact number is 470-660-6957.

 As you may know, Vulcan Materials Co. (www.vulcanmaterials.com), a huge conglomerate, has been negotiating contracts on approximately 1000 acres of land along Chandler Bridge Road near Jefferson River Road, up toward New Kings Bridge Rd. and over to Center on 441.  This land is zoned agricultural, with most in conservation. 

Vulcan representatives have told nearby residents that are seeking permits (which could be through special use permit or rezoning) for a quarry pit to extract gravel. They further stated a desire to later add subsidiary businesses such as concrete plants. Vulcan has another gravel and concrete operation at 1626 Possum Creek Rd., Jefferson, which offers a view of the potential consequences of this project.


The most effective way for you to help to ensure proper land use is to call or write to our six Jackson Co. Commissioners. You may send a short message of opposition, or you can use the following talking points.  Please personalize your e-mails as form messages do not have the same impact. 


1)     Jackson County has a comprehensive plan that was developed over many hours with planning officials, citizens, and elected officials. The plan is dedicated to the mixed rural/residential character of our county, which differentiates us from Gwinnett or other high-density counties. We are not against industry or business, but in their rightful place, not in the middle of our agricultural or residential areas.


2)     The potential impact to our quality of life is huge with concerns for air and water pollution, noise from blasting and trucking as well as road and traffic issues, and no studies of these impacts have been presented as yet. These threats outweigh any claimed benefits.


3)     If this industrial project is allowed to go forward, it will forever change the nature of South Jackson County and make it more likely that the project will expand and that other such industrial projects will be harder to prevent. This project would set a dangerous precedent.


4)     Vulcan has a track record with many environmental and safety violations. This website tracks the reported infractions, but more research is being done.  It is important to remember that Vulcan is accountable to its shareholders, not to the citizens of Jackson County. 


Please contact your commissioners  at:

mseagraves@jacksoncountygov.com Marty Seagraves District 4 (impacted area commissioner)

jhix@jacksoncountygov.com Jim Hix District 1

chardy@jacksoncountygov.com Chas Hardy District 2

cbingham@jacksoncountygov.com Chad Bingham District 3

mclark@jacksoncountygov.com Marty Clark District 5

tcrow@jacksoncountygov.com BOC chair 


You may join the CSJ email list by clicking HERE. This is the best way to get information. 






Are you thinking about serving on a Board or Commission?

To be considered to a standing board or commission in which members are appointed by the BOC, there is a process where citizens can be considered for such established groups.  On the county website there is a page called Boards & Commissions and on the top right hand corner is a “button” to click on which will direct you to a fillable form which gets submitted back to the Deputy Clerk.  At that point, she will collect or accumulate those applications and when there is a vacancy she will add the application(s) to the BOC packets at the appropriate board meeting for their consideration.  Often times the County gets inquiries about many different boards, and staff or commissioners usually point the person to the Deputy Clerk for assistance on how to fill out the application for consideration.  This program is web based.

Board of Commissioners

FACEBOOK PAGE: Don't Gwinnett Our Jackson 

This group is created to be a forum for the people who love our great community of Jackson County. Here, we can work together to hold our county reps accountable to manage the growth. In doing so, we can ensure it remains a beautiful, safe place! 



Text Babs @ 706-372-9067