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You can register to vote or check your registration status by visiting the My Voter Page at or visit the election office Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM. The office is located at 441 Gordon St in Jefferson. 



You MUST request an absentee ballot to vote by mail. For a request form, go to:


The County will mail ballots in mid-September.

If you want to vote by mail, request your ballot SOON.

The request form can be mailed, faxed 706-367-1193, or emailed to

As an alternative to mailing your ballot (after you have requested it, and then received it by mail), the County will provide a DROP BOX for mail-in ballots at its Gordon St. location.


Sample Ballot for the November 3rd, 2020

General Election 

Click on the link below. Type in first initial, last name, county, and birth date to view your sample ballot.


Jackson County Elections Office

441 Gordon St., Jefferson

Telephone: (706) 367-6377
Fax: (706) 367-1193


Please forward this information!



NOVEMBER 3 ELECTION - Congressional and State

US Senate

David Perdue (R):

Jon Ossoff (D):

On November 3, 2020, per Georgia law, a special general election will take place on the same day as the regularly scheduled U.S. Senate election for the seat held by David Perdue. A primary election will not occur; instead, all candidates, regardless of party, will be placed on the same ballot. Party labels will be printed on the ballot and if no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, the top two finishers will advance to a runoff election, to be held on January 5, 2021.

District 9, US Congress  

Devin Pandy (D):

Andrew Clyde (R):

District 47 State Senate

Frank Ginn (R):

Dawn Johnson (D):

District 31 State House

Pete Fuller (D):

Tommy Benton (R):

District 117 State House

Mokah Johnson (D): 

Houston Gaines (R): 



Thanks to the Jackson Herald for bringing attention to S. Jackson!

Jackson Herald Today

SJ activist pushing for limited growth in area

  • May 27, 2020

South Jackson area activist Babs McDonald of the group Citizens for South Jackson is pushing for limited development in that area through the current update of the county's comprehensive plan.

In a recent email concerning the county's comp plan update, McDonald told area residents that they should push for limited commercial development along the Hwy. 129 corridor with no commercial at the intersection of Hwy. 129 and New Kings Bridge Rd. and no regional commercial development.

McDonald also promoted limiting residential development in the area, especially along Hwy. 330.

"The County is planning for 'extensive' rural residential growth on Rt. 330," she said. "We should object to this planning because the traffic is already dangerous on Route 330, more 18-wheelers are using the route, and the intersection of Route 330 and route 129 has seen several accidents, including fatal ones. In addition, the county is planning further residential development around Bear Creek reservoir. Since this is a public reservoir, why plan for what would certainly be upscale development around the reservoir? We should preserve the reservoir as a public resource. Please object to extensive residential development on Route 330 and around Bear Creek reservoir."

McDonald also pushed for designating some South Jackson roads as scenic corridors with development overlay districts to control growth in those areas. She said Archer Grove School Rd., Brock Rd., Chandler Bridge Rd., Crooked Creek Rd., Holiday Cemetery Rd., Lebanon Church Rd., Mary Collier Rd., Hwy. 330 and New Kings Bridge Rd. should all have some kind of scenic overlay designation.

"Such an overlay protects the scenic resources of a transportation corridor by placing some restrictions on development and providing standards to preserve the scenic resource," she said.

Another major focus she pushed for is the development of a passive park in the South Jackson area.

"We have no public conservation or recreation land in our area of the county, and we also pay taxes like our fellow citizens elsewhere in the County," McDonald said.

The county is in the process of updating its comp plan, which is a basic guide for future development in the county. Because of the COVOD virus impact, the state may allow the county to have extra time to complete the plan. It was originally due Oct. 31.




This proposed urban character housing development required a map amendment. Thanks to widespread opposition, the developers withdrew the map amendment request FOR NOW. They plan to rethink their concept and resubmit. 

We must be vigilent and stop any development that requires a map amendment. Our County's Comprehensive Plan provides a wise blueprint for S. Jackson's future. We should not support any development that violates our Comprehensive Plan. 

If you have questions, contact Babs McDonald at, Elyse Giles at, or Matt Raettig at

Jackson County Commissioner CONTACTS

Planning Commissioners 

Marty Clark, Chair

770-294-5579 (c)

Les Knoblock, Vice Chair

 (706) 335-3381

Steve Wittry


Nick Bledsoe

706-380-2580 (c)

Harold Mull – (District 4, S. Jackson Commissioner)



County Board of Commissioners

Marty Seagraves (Commissioner for S. Jackson, District 4)


Chas Hardy
District 2

 ​Ralph Richardson

District 3


Jim Hix

District 1​

 Tom Crow, Chair​

 706-367-6312 -- This is the County number for all commissioners.




Rt. 330 and Rt. 129 Intersection: This dangerous intersection has become even more dangerous with the opening of the Dollar General at the intersection. Citizens for South Jackson requested that the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) conduct an analysis of that intersection to find ways to reduce danger and increase safety. The Georgia DOT concluded that the intersection is safe. If you have information that you would like CSJ to share with GDOT, email


GA DOT will continue to review the current situation at the Rt. 129 - Rt. 330 intersection. To provide input, contact Babs McDonald at 706-372-9067.