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CSJ is a non-partisan organization. We do not endorse candidates or political positions.We are inclusive and welcome all who care about Jackson County's future.


Formally Citizens for South Jackson, we are an evolving organization that serves all of Jackson County. We joined together with the Open Space Council for Jackson County, and we continue to get members from all over the county and in our municipalities.



Our vision is to work effectively with citizens, their organizations, the business community, and governments to sustain and protect the cultural and natural heritage of Jackson County and to promote a strong sense of community among county residents. 

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General Primary Election -- May 24, 2022

To read statements from our local candidates, click on the "Issues and Concerns" tab above. 


The Arcade City Council tabled the annexation of 127 acres surrounding Redstone Church on Rt. 129.  They will decide this matter on Monday, June 13. Public hearing at 6 pm, voting at 7 p.m.

We need you to come and wear a red shirt! Speak in opposition if you will!


Annexation is a way for municipalities to gain more tax revenue. They are not required to follow the County Comprehensive Plan, so annexed land can be rezoned to any category that the municipality desires. The County, however, still must finance services such as schools, roads, and other public services for incorporated developments. This land is currently zoned agricultural by Jackson County.


If constructed, this subdivision would add at least 200 vehicles twice a day to the current route 129 traffic load. In addition, its entrance would be directly across from New King’s Bridge Road, exacerbating this already–dangerous intersection.


The Jackson County Water and Sewerage Authority predicts a scarcity of water in the future. An additional 119 families will further strain our water supply. 


CSJ is opposed to this annexation and plan to build a 119-house subdivision on this lovely agricultural field.


The builder has a reputation for not keeping his promises to individuals purchasing houses in his existing subdivision. For example, River Meadows subdivision has a myriad of erosion problems, and promised amenities such as walking trails and a swimming pool have never materialized, 4 years on.


Please, if possible, attend this meeting June 13 at 6 PM in Arcade City Hall. Where a red shirt, and plan to speak if possible. Your voice will make a difference.



In other news…


  • On Monday, May 16, the BOC will vote on the purchase of 115 acres at the corner of New Kings Ridge Road and Route 129 for a public park. This land would eventually become the first public park in South Jackson County. If you have time, please email BOC Chairman Tom Crow (tomcrow@jacksoncountygov.com) and BOC District 4 Commissioner Marty Seagraves (mseagraves@jacksoncountygov.com) to express your support for this purchase.


  • Remember that the general primary election is Tuesday, May 24. Early voting is ongoing now.


  • Many of you were opposed to and some of you were supportive of the construction of a Stripling’s restaurant and butchery at Brock Road and Route 129. Our BOC voted to rezone the tract to commercial, expressly in favor of a Stripling’s. According to Stripling’s Corporate, the landowners will not receive a franchise for a Stripling’s. Now, South Jackson neighborhoods have a commercially zoned site in their midst, and we have no idea what might be built on that land. CSJ has been trying to reach the landowners in hopes of collaborating on a mutually desirable plan for the tract that would benefit South Jackson residents. We have been unable to reach any of the four landowners. If you know them, please ask them to reach out to us. If anyone is interested in being a part of such a planning committee, please contact Babs at citizensforsustainablejackson@gmail.com.

Please contact Commissioner Seagraves at mseagraves@jacksoncountygov.com. Ask him to move that the BOC vote to restore this tract's previous zoning. We cannot risk a huge, busy, unsightly commercial facility on the corner of S. Brock Rd. and Rt. 129.


  • Finally, CSJ is looking for members willing to join a subcommittee to address the next update of the Jackson County Comprehensive Plan. This plan will become more important in the future as our development pressures increase. Please consider joining the subcommittee. Work on the subcommittee would likely begin in late fall or early spring. Please contact Babs at citizensforsustainablejackson@gmail.com.

Early voting begins on May 2nd thru the 20th and Primary Election Day is May 24th.  Please plan to vote in the Primary Election and encourage your friends and family to vote as well.

For voting locations and more information,


Jackson County BOC

Board Chair: Tom Crow tcrow@jacksoncountygov.com

District 1: Jim Hix jhix@jacksoncountygov.com

District 2: Chas Hardy chardy@jacksoncountygov.com

District 3: Ralph Richardson rrichardson@jacksoncountygov.com

District 4: Marty Seagraves mseagraves@jacksoncountygov.com

Our Board of Commissioners approved the creation of an Impact Fee Committee to aid the County as they research impact fees for residential developments. Unfortunately, the BOC refused to consider 3 citizens who volunteered for the committee. The Impact Fee Committee now has 7 members, all of which have a vested interest in residential development or County investments. These 7 were unanimously approved by the BOC.


Are you thinking about serving on a Board or Commission?

To be considered to a standing board or commission in which members are appointed by the BOC, there is a process where citizens can be considered for such established groups.  On the county website there is a page called Boards & Commissions and on the top right hand corner is a “button” to click on which will direct you to a fillable form which gets submitted back to the Deputy Clerk.  At that point, she will collect or accumulate those applications and when there is a vacancy she will add the application(s) to the BOC packets at the appropriate board meeting for their consideration.  Often times the County gets inquiries about many different boards, and staff or commissioners usually point the person to the Deputy Clerk for assistance on how to fill out the application for consideration.  This program is web based.




FACEBOOK PAGE: Don't Gwinnett Our Jackson 

This group is created to be a forum for the people who love our great community of Jackson County. Here, we can work together to hold our county reps accountable to manage the growth. In doing so, we can ensure it remains a beautiful, safe place! 



GET INVOLVED in CSJ! Text Babs at 706-372-9067

  • Board of Commission meetings -- the first and third Monday at 6 pm at the Courthouse. 


May General Priary Election -- May 24