Project Monitoring

Walton International 700 Acres

Citizens for South Jackson (CSJ) is monitoring 700 acres in South Jackson laying on the east side of Rt. 129 approximately between Crooked Creek Road and Mary Collier Road. This land is owned by Walton International Group, a Canadian development company which is now the largest landowner in Jackson County. Walton has an interest in developing this land commercially or industrially. This 700 acre tract is currently zoned agricultural. CSJ might support an environmentally-friendly use of this land, including its development for eco-tourism, agri-tourism, or outdoor recreation use. We do not support commercial or industrial use of these 700 acres and at this time oppose any rezoning of this land. Studies have shown that industrial development has the potential to increase traffic and congestion by 5,000 cars an hour during rush hour and water consumption of over 700,000 gallons per day.

Walton International Industrial Development in South Jackson

Walton International Group owns 114 acres near Mary Collier Road. This land is zoned industrial, and Walton has an interest in developing it as an industrial site. In the spring of 2016, the Jackson County Water and Sewerage Authority approved supplying Bear Creek Reservoir water to this site.

Dollar General in South Jackson

Dollar General has opened at the corder of Rt. 330 and Rt. 129. Dollar General must adhere to 16 conditions. CSJ will closely monitor the maintenance of this site to ensure adherence to the 16 conditions.


Dr. Jackson Beak Guide to Birds of South Jackson Elementary School

Citizens for South Jackson (CSJ) is working with Oconee Rivers Audubon Society, South Jackson Elementary School (SJES), Jackson County, and others to create a birding education program at the school. The birding program will take advantage of the 3+ miles of trails that surround the school. For more information or to volunteer, email To view or download the bird booklet (which can be used anywhere in the county and the region, including your backyard), go to